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We are proud to represent Italian excellence with a product 100% Made in Italy.

The professional coffee machines ACM range is produced with care, accuracy and meticulous attention to every step in the production process. The quality of extraction from each coffee blend is at all time guaranteed by the extreme robustness and reliability that distinguish ACM models. To get into the professional Espresso coffee culture taking advantage of the best possible investment available on the market. To operate in all over the world with coffee machines easy to use thanks to the reliable “simply smart” technology. To make our Smart Attitude support your business!



All the qualities of a professional machine enclosed in a small space. Pratika, the smallest of ACM’s home is ideal for demanding customers who want to enjoy the real espresso at home. Perfect at home and activities such as B&B, catering or small hotels, Pratika is dedicated to those Espresso lovers who want a real espresso machine at their own home but the daily production is not enough to require the installation of a professional coffee machine.



  • Dispensing with coffee dosing programming

  • Stainless steel and painted steel body

  • Steam / water wands in stainless steel

  • Water tank capacity of 2,5 lt

  • Boiler in stainless steel of 1,5 lt

  • Security valve

  • Side panels easily removable for maintenance without the need to remove the cups.

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Who says that quality must be expensive? Rounder is the perfect union of quality and affordability. Made in Italy components combined with a linear and compact design give birth to a coffee machine suitable for customers who seek for high quality coffee and reasonable price. Suitable for any kind of needs is available in both traditional and tall-cup variants.




  • Dispensing with coffee and hot water doses programming

  • Stainless steel and painted steel body

  • Steam / water wands in stainless steel

  • Pre-infusion coffee system

  • Brewing groups heated by the thermosiphonic system

  • Copper boiler (Cu 99.5) with anti-oxidant treatment and internal heating exchanger

  • Automatic wash cycle of chromed brass dispensing group

  • Safety valve

  • Automatic boiler refi lling

  • Backlit keyboard icons

  • Adjustable drip tray on two different levels both for tall cups and traditional espresso cups.

Standard Features


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Technical Sheet

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