White Eagle

The White Eagle conveys a distinct, elegant and innovative design, comfort for the barista, reliability, and precision of the applied technologies, and of course, sustainability. The White Eagle is the futuristic machine for espresso coffee. Advanced technologies and esthetical qualities mix with the brands' tradition that holds all the history of the espresso coffee.

Raised or lowered


an espresso coffee machine that responds to the new needs of the speciality coffee shops, making it possible to have it with raised groups to use different types of cups. The White Eagle encourages the relationship between barista and customer. The architect Viglino re-created the Eagles wings in a product 51 centimetres high.

An eagle ready to take flight

The machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum. The side panels are of 'aluminum planks' that give the aspect of Eagles wings. All the controls have been designed for aesthetics and functionality, giving particular attention to the ergonomic point of the machine that allows the barista to work in a better and secure environment


The technology that insures maximum temperature stability of the coffee machine. In a coffee machine, the temperature has a vital role because it strongly influences the quality of the espresso coffee. A stable temperature guarantees consistent and excellent results. But how? Even in this case, after applied researches and experiments in collaboration with exceptional baristas, we were able to find a solution that lets the user control every single parameter. That is how T3 is born, a technology that allows the user to set three temperatures: brewing, water infusion, and steam. What is the result? Accuracy control of the dispensed water which means stable temperature and a high-quality result in the cup. All this is also thanks to an electronic system composed of temperature, PID, and pressure probes.


White Eagle is also available with the Easy Cream system, a technology that heats and froths the milk following the user's preferences and settings. The innovative wand with divergent holes mixes steam with air. Coffee chains very much appreciate this system because it makes a consistent and fragrant latte cream.