Product Features:-

Miko 2 - An Advanced Personal Robot for Kids


Grows with your child

Miko 2 intuitively understands and responds to the child's moods, has meaningful chats and provides companionship.


A Cute Little all- rounder

An all- Rounder that does't just sing or dance to entertain your child, Miko 2 enables playing games and narrates exciting stores as well.


Parental Control

With the Miko 2 App and its enhanced Parental Dashboard, you have greater control over Miko's interaction with your child.


Child and Data Safe

Miko 2 is completely safe for children! Your child's data is encrypted and completely protected. The ownership of the data lies in your hands as a parent.



Missing out on important milestones in your child's life? Want to track your child's progress while you are away at work? TeleConnect with your child through Miko 2! Yes, you can have a video call and remotely control your Miko 2 from work to talk to your child.

Miko 2

₹24,999.00 Regular Price
₹17,999.00Sale Price
  • Product Specification          
    Processor   1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor Standby Time   12 hrs
    Microphones   Dual MEMS microphone Active usage   3 hours
    Camera   HD Wide angle Rechargable   Yes
    Touch Pad   Capacitive touch sensor for navigation Speakers   Dual Hi-Performance Speakers
    Inertial   9 Axis MEMS IMU Language   English
    Time of Flight Sensor   World's Smallest Laser ranging module Warranty   1 Year
    Odometric   Hall Effect Sensors      
    Edge Sensor   Dual High Sensitivity Long Distance Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor      
    Wifi   Range 10 meters      
    Bluetooth   Range 10 metres      
    Display   2.8 Inch Wide Angle High Resolution IPS Display      
    Charging Time   1.5 hour