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Melitta® Cafina® XT4

Your perfect introduction to the world of professional coffee preparation! The patented Melitta professional brewing unit delivers consistently high quality. Two grinders and the dual instant function ensure flexibility and variety. Easy cleaning at the touch of a button with the clever Melitta® Clean in Place system.

Welcome to the professional class!

Quality without compromise.

Do you value professional beverage quality even for small volumes?

Then the XT4 is the perfect choice for you!

It can do everything its bigger counterparts can, but has been designed with smaller volumes in mind. Without sacrificing beverage sizes or variety, milk quality or temperature, of course. It can even produce up to two kinds of cocoa. And it does most things automatically, for example cleaning without manual effort. Which means you can focus on the essentials: your business.

The key benefits

Reasons you will love the XT4:


Greater variety

Flexible milk and topping solutions thanks to two topping and fresh milk functions as well as the integrated milk pump ensure greater variety to enjoy in barista quality.


Top quality

Beverage quality like its bigger counterparts thanks to high-quality brewing unit for up to 20 g net weight. It also produces large beverages in just one brew because it has two grinders.


Less effort

Fully automatic machine cleaning not only guarantees hygiene safety, it also saves you valuable time. All you need is one cleaning agent; you do not need to take the machine apart.

  • stainless steel brewing unit incl. pneu

Melitta® Cafina® XT4 overview


Hourly output/cups according to DIN 18873‑2*

Filter coffee

Café Crème / 2 Café Crème 

120 / 170

Espresso / 2 Espressi

160 / 276

Cappuccino / 2 Cappuccini

156 / 266

Latte Macchiato / 2 Latte Macchiato

115 / 166

Cocoa drinks


Steam/hot water

31 l

Daily output*


* The hourly and daily outputs were calculated taking the equipment on the machines, the water connection, container size and quality settings into account and are provided as a guide.

The strengths of the XT4

Proven quality, longevity, flexibility.

Tool steel grinder

The grinder, with its 75 mm grinding discs made from durable tool steel, works particularly gently and evenly. Thanks to the micro-fine sieve, the XT4 can grind extremely finely and can therefore create an intense aroma with very little product.


Stainless steel brewing unit

Patented technology for the best aroma - long-term! The stainless steel brewing unit enables wear-free operation and maximum flexibility thanks to variable contact pressure and brewing times for a wide variety of coffee specialties. For coffee quantities up to 20 g.


Clean in Place (CIP®)

It couldn't be easier: fully automatic cleaning of the brewing and milk system directly in the machine. Nothing has to be removed or taken apart. It’s as simple as that: quick, safe and certified hygienic.


Milk system with milk pump

The practical milk frother system with a milk pump makes it possible to produce milk foam at exactly the right temperature, dispense warm or cold fresh milk to suit any requirements.

Start your Melitta Coffee Enjoyment journey now

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