Hurom HW Professional Series

Built For Large-Scale Slow Juicing 

Designed for commercial use by cafés, restaurants, and hotels, as well as any other kind of establishment that specialises in food and beverages, the Hurom HW Professional Series is a commercial juicer with enhanced performance that make it possible for users to achieve high levels of productivity. 

1.25 Times Bigger

Slow Squeezing

The new strainer and auger offer greater strength, better structure, and higher performance. They are also easier to clean, offering greater efficiency and convenience for users.

Higher Productivity

The new 1,000-milliliter, high-capacity chamber allows users to make larger batches of juice, as it can hold larger quantities of ingredients at once

Bigger and More Powerful

The torque of the motor used in our Professional Series juicers has been increased by 50 kilogram force centimeters over that of the motor in our household models, thus offering greater power and efficiency.

Convenience through communication

The LED display uses different colors of light and flashing light patterns to intuitively indicate the juicer’s different operations, such as Extract, On/Off, and Reverse.

Stainless Steel

Timeless Quality

The bodies of Hurom slow juicers are made with stylish and luxurious rust-resistant stainless steel, making them more hygienic and durable over the long term.